Radiology Services

20 Nov 2016

Find out how our new radiology technology is making patients’ lives easier.

Faster, better, technology-driven service

One of the main driving forces which led us to move to our new facility at University Commons was the desire to provide Radiology Services to our patients. These new services have equipped our doctors in sports medicine and obstetrics and gynecology with cutting-edge diagnostic capabilities. Patients can save time and effort by making fewer trips—and their doctors can treat them more effectively using better and more accurate information.

Less stress for patients

For a time in our previous building, there was a radiology group upstairs, but when they closed and moved off site, we struggled to provide efficient care of illness and injury.

Many patients recall limping out to another office in order to have basic imaging performed. Not to mention waiting up to several days for the result.

Now, we have state of the art imaging, with digital storage and capability to compare with previous studies, very conveniently located in our own suite.

We have three excellent Radiology Technologists who are friendly and professional.  Every image taken at Family Medicine of South Bend is read by a Board Certified Radiologist.

We also often have the advantage of viewing the images immediately and sharing those images with our patients at the same time as their visit.

Our patients have been pleasantly surprised by the timeliness and efficiency of the X- ray process.

If your images need outside follow up, we can “print” the images on a CD which you can take with you!